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Ryan Lerman is an astonishing musician. His list of accomplishments goes on and on. He has recently been on tour with Michael Bublé and John Legend, just to name a few. I first met Ryan while working on the “Suit and Tie” cover we did with Nataly Dawn last year. He’s a pleasure to work with and he has tons of ideas.

The Process

How was I involved?

To start, I was much more involved in this video than I am with most. Usually I color and/or DP but I was producer/colorist for this one. I know… That’s a weird mashup but I really did enjoy it. The Director, Keenan Mock, and I work together in post production so we had plenty of time to hash out the storyline and figure out logistics like “where the hell are we gong to find a piano we can pour blood all over”… and a little girl we can pour blood all over for that matter! Many hours were spent on craigslist searching for pianos and little girls. Wow that sounds weird.

Anyways after a month of pre-production we had a few production days to get everything shot. We decided to shoot in 5K for a 2.40 finish on the RED Epic for the cinematic look and feel we wanted to achieve. Our onset dailies were transcoded from R3Ds to PR422 with burn in for editorial.

After production we moved into editing. Keenan, Ryan, and I worked with Linda Robles to lock down a solid edit. We used Final Cut X for this. Then we created XMLs to move everything into Davinci Resolve 11 for color. We had 2 color sessions with our DPs (John Wilburs & Andrew Pearson) and Keenan to work through the edit. Since we were working on multiple angles to the story we wanted some very different looks. On one hand you have a surreal bright bloody mess with hard red vaseline smeared edges while the other scene is dark and angry.

For production we shot using the RED Epic. Editing was all done in Final Cut X. Color was done in Davinci Resolve 11 using the Euphonix MC Artist Color panel and the Dolby PRM-4200

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