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If you need to get away from LA (or wherever) for a weekend, there’s no better place. Some might think it’s a bit far but 5 hours is well worth it. My buddy, Arley & I decided to go to Big Sur for a weekend in August. There wasn’t really any planning involved. I think it was Tuesday and I was like “Hey wanna go to Big Sur this weekend?”. So if you are on the fence because you feel like you need to plan the shit out of your trip then stop it. Just go.

Super great weekend w/ @arleycornell in Big Sur. #bigsur #camping #vsco #vscocam #olloclip

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Setting up camp

Don’t pay. Arrive first.

So if you’ve been to Big Sur before, especially in the summer, you realize it can get ridiculously crowded at the campgrounds. You have to book months in advance. This isn’t fun and prevents many from taking that last minute trip. I’m won’t say these spots are secret but they definitely aren’t advertised. If you were to get here on a friday before dusk, you would find a place to drop a tent or two. Obviously the earlier the better.

Service Roads

Free camping if you can find a spot

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